Squirrels From Hell established 1978. Underground, original, rock, that  spans multiple styles, but always with honesty, energy, and lyrics that reach for the true depiction of life in 21st century America.  An intense band that dispite their talent has spent decades in obscurity. They've faced callenges with different members, difficult circumstances, and despereation, yet they've persisted in creating original music that resenates with their audience. Along the way in 1994 music produced by Kramer (Shimmy Disc Records), and in 2004 music produced by Richard Lloyd (Television). Known as "The Band New York City Couldn't Kill" these long time rockers have weathered all the storms life and our corrupt culture can muster. With the passing of guitarist and founding member Joe Con, SFH have somehow found the strength to continue. They push on , driven by the demands of an artistic inspiration that will not release them. After several temporary  guitarists and sax players, SFH , WILL (bass, vocals) , and Larry Brown (drums, vocals), have joined forces with the husband and wife team of Doug Teague (guitar, vocals) and Del Teague (keyboards, vocals). Songwriting is what they do best , and their live shows are always awesome. While they freely share much of their music online, only the raw but controlled energy of a live performance will demonstrate how SFH continues to influence New York music culture. Songs soaked with the rage, cynicism, crude musicality, and energy that has trapped them on the frontiers of commercial music longer than any one of us are capable of recalling. Squirrels From Hell have been celebrated for their "Art Punk Oddness" (Alternative Press), and Officially Designated "The Lowest Of The Low Rent Bands" (Village Voice).  "Their underground rock has captured the essence of 21st century struggle and triump for decades." (Let's Talk New York).  "Ceremonial" (Laura Beth, Reclaimed Radio).